Solarium KY16ML

The elegantly finished housing’s cover of the KY16ML solarium is, by default, painted deep black (RAL 9005).
As with all KYLIX solariums, the reflective surface is cream white (RAL 9001) to better reflect the heat generated. On the front, the KY16ML has a recession, so the horse can move freely below the solarium.
The solarium's edges are rounded off and thereby minimise the risk of injury to the horse. The lights are integrated in the solarium and located in a way to ensure that the heat emitted reaches the right muscle groups of the horse.

  • No sharp edges
  • Highly effective heat distribution
  • Higher efficiency in comparison to a metal solarium, thanks to its insulated case
  • All live parts are heat resistant up to 110°C
  • Aluminium lamp sockets
  • Ideal for washing areas and wet rooms
  • Ultra-light and shockproof thanks to its fibreglass reinforced housing
  • Automatic fans

The KY16ML is made of fibreglass reinforced polyester and is finished with a coating that is resistant to high temperatures of up to 90°C.
All sides of the solarium are rounded off.
The solarium consists of two sections and is, by default, fitted with suspensions.
The four fans, integrated as standard, are activated automatically when the solarium reaches 30°C.
The lights with different power output are integrated in the solarium, and located in a way to ensure that the heat emitted reaches the right muscle groups of the horse. The infrared radiation generated also ensures that your horse will dry much faster after riding and washing. This reduces the risk of a cold and the coat gets glossy.


Electrical specifications: 230 Volt     50 Hz     16 Ampere
Power output: 3200 Watt
Lights: 8 x 150 Watt IR     8 x 250 Watt IR
Fittings: Aluminium with porcelain lamp sockets
Fans: 4 x 90 m3/hour     Automatic activation upon 30°C
Colour: Black RAL 9005/Cream white RAL 9001
Material: Fibreglass reinforced polyester
Dimensions: L*W*H     180*114*43cm
Weight: 25 kg