Roofings for track and lungeing circle

Kylix roofings protect you and your horse from weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind whilst providing sufficient air and light so you and your horse are not cut off from the world around.

Track roofing

The track roofing covers about 4.5 metres of the track. The centre part remains open.

Lungeing circle roofing

The lungeing circle roofing is a completely closed roofing. Thus, also centre part is closed. At least one translucent panel is integrated in each section.
Perfect roofing for your lungeing circle or your horse exercise or, even better, ideal for your combi exerciser (lungeing circle and exerciser under one roof).

  • Steel construction, made of IPE profiles
  • Galvanised structural steelwork elements
  • Roof cladding made of fibre-reinforced corrugated panels
  • By default, translucent panels are integrated in complete closed roofings
  • Concrete elements or screw type supports
  • Assembly by KYLIX service staff or an authorised dealer


Possible options include:

  • Fencing integrated in the roofing
  • Windbreak net
  • Sliding gate
  • Rain gutter above the entrance
  • Lungeing circle roofing combined with the combi trainer

The roofing is available in sizes of 12 to 22 metres.