Heat for every muscle

A solarium is in fact a large 'red lamp’ emitting infrared rays.
Infrared (IR) is the expression for radiation emitting heat. Unlike the ultraviolet radiation (UV) that tans the skin.
Under the IR solarium, a horse therefore does not tan.

All living beings need IR and UV radiation, but we need only little UV light. IR light (i. e. heat) is essential, though.
Your horse is expected to perform well, and in this regard development and training of muscles is the most important factor. With overstretched muscles, your horse will perform worse.



Infrared radiation improves blood circulation, and that way blood glucose by the muscles is absorbed more quickly. The handling of toxic substances in the muscles is improved accordingly. Therefore, your horse can recover faster after a hard training.
Infrared radiation also ensures that your horse will dry much faster after riding and having been washed. This reduces the risk of a cold and the coat gets glossy. On the other hand, warming up under the solarium leads to better training results.
All in all, we have to highlight that an IR solarium actually ensures a better performance and condition of your horse.


Some options for our solariums include:

  • Control unit
  • Coin-operated machines
  • Suspensions
  • UV lamps (2 pieces)
  • Halogen lamps (8 pieces)
  • Extension unit for KY16ML
  • Painting according to specified RAL colour
  • Assembly by KYLIX service staff or an authorised dealer