Sprinkler cross

The irrigation system has a spray cross that is moved by an electric carriage that travels from one side to the other.

Since this system is equipped with a separate controller for each spray head, the irrigation can be tailored to the needs of the customer. An industrial track provides the water and power, which runs in a gutter above which the spray carriage is located.

Here are some characteristics of this irrigation system:

  • Sprinkler cross
  • Discrete but beautiful design
  • Easy manual or automatic operation
  • 1 1/4-inch water connector
  • Minimum required water pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Water consumption approx. 80 l/min
  • Supply voltage, 230 volts
  • Water consumption approx. 80 l/min
  • Continuously adjustable drive motor (0.5 - 40 m/min)
  • Supply voltage, 230 volts