Kappa Combi horse exercisers

Due to its extraordinary design, the KAPPA combined horse exerciser is an extremely solid horse walker system with a roofed lungeing circle. This combination (combi trainer) of horse exerciser and lungeing circle is the ideal solution to save space. Another benefit is the possibility to train in all weather conditions.
The KAPPA system is equipped with a number of safety devices developed in-house, which contribute to a safe training of your horses. It offers safety for humans and animals. As an example, all connections of the horse exerciser suspensions are doubled for additional safety.

  • 230 Volts
  • Separate fuse module, 16 A, ground fault circuit breaker
  • Horse exerciser diameter: 18 to 22 metres
  • Direct, non-slip, low-maintenance drive
  • Safety coupling to protect the drive
  • Energy consumption approximately 0.6 kWh
  • Drive unit suspended at the ridge, thus extremely safe
  • All joints doubled (welded joint/tenon-dowel joint)
  • Solid design
  • Interactive section selection
  • Lightweight pusher gates with legroom
  • User-friendly control unit box
  • Booms made of hollow profiles

Due to the design of the combination training unit, it can be used as a horse exerciser and a lungeing circle with only one roofing. That means, only half the space is needed; lungeing circle and horse exerciser under one roof.

The KAPPA horse exerciser is available in sizes of 18 to 22 metres for 4, 6 or 8 freely moving horses.