As a result of its unique design, the KAPPA combi horse exerciser is a very sturdy treadmill including a covered lunging arena. In particular, the combination (COMBI-TRAINER) of being able to use a horse exerciser with a lunging arena is an ideal space-saving solution. Another advantage is the possibility it offers of being able to train under any weather conditions.
The KAPPA contains a number of safety-aspects, developed in-house, which contribute to you training your horse safely; safe for both man and horse. For example, all joints of the "hanging" horse exerciser are doubled for safety.


»   230 Volts
»   Separate 16A group, with earth leakage circuit breaker
»   Exerciser diameter 18 to 22 metres
»   Direct, non-slip, low-maintenance drive
»   Safety coupling to protect the drive
»   Energy consumption approximately 0.6 kWh
»   Drive unit suspended from the ridge of the roof, therefore extremely safe
»   All joints doubled (welded joint / tenon-dowel joint)
»   Sturdy design
»   Interactive section selection
»   Light-weight drift fences with unrestricted legroom
»   User-friendly control box
»   Arms consisting of tube profiles  

The design of the combi trainer means one roof can be used for lunging and for a horse exerciser. This combination requires only half of the space; lunging and horse exerciser under one roof.


The KAPPA horse exerciser is supplied in measurements of 18 to 22 metres for use with 4, 6 or 8 free-walking horses.